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meta::classify::multiclass_dataset_view Class Reference

A non-owning view of a dataset with categorical class labels. More...

#include <multiclass_dataset_view.h>

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Public Member Functions

 multiclass_dataset_view (const multiclass_dataset &dset)
template<class RandomEngine >
 multiclass_dataset_view (const multiclass_dataset &dset, RandomEngine &&rng)
 multiclass_dataset_view (const multiclass_dataset_view &mdv, const_iterator begin, const_iterator end)
 multiclass_dataset_view (const multiclass_dataset &dset, multiclass_dataset::const_iterator begin, multiclass_dataset::const_iterator end)
template<class RandomEngine >
 multiclass_dataset_view (const multiclass_dataset &dset, multiclass_dataset::const_iterator begin, multiclass_dataset::const_iterator end, RandomEngine &&rng)
 multiclass_dataset_view (const multiclass_dataset_view &mdv, std::vector< size_type > &&indices)
multiclass_dataset_view create_even_split () const
size_type total_labels () const
class_label label (const instance_type &instance) const
multiclass_dataset::class_label_iterator labels_begin () const
multiclass_dataset::class_label_iterator labels_end () const
void print_liblinear (std::ostream &os, const instance_type &instance) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from meta::learn::dataset_view
 dataset_view (const dataset &dset)
 dataset_view (const dataset &dset, dataset::const_iterator begin, dataset::const_iterator end)
template<class RandomEngine >
 dataset_view (const dataset &dset, RandomEngine &&rng)
template<class RandomEngine >
 dataset_view (const dataset &dset, dataset::const_iterator begin, dataset::const_iterator end, RandomEngine &&rng)
 dataset_view (const dataset_view &dv, const_iterator first, const_iterator last)
void add_by_index (size_type idx)
void shuffle ()
void rotate (size_type block_size)
iterator begin () const
iterator end () const
size_type size () const
size_type total_features () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from meta::learn::dataset_view
using instance_type = dataset::instance_type
using size_type = dataset::size_type
using const_iterator = iterator
- Protected Member Functions inherited from meta::learn::dataset_view
 dataset_view (const dataset_view &dv, std::vector< size_type > &&indices)
template<class DerivedDataset >
const DerivedDataset & dset () const
const std::vector< size_type > indices () const

Detailed Description

A non-owning view of a dataset with categorical class labels.

This is designed to be used with mutli-class classifiers.

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