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meta::corpus::metadata Class Reference

Represents the collection of metadata for a document. More...

#include <metadata.h>


struct  field
 Tagged union to represent a single metadata field. More...
struct  field_info
 Pair for storing the schema: contains its name and type. More...
struct  metadata_input_stream

Public Types

enum  field_type : uint8_t { SIGNED_INT = 0, UNSIGNED_INT, DOUBLE, STRING }
 Type tag for a field.
using schema_type = std::vector< field_info >

Public Member Functions

 metadata (const char *start, const schema_type &sch)
template<class T >
util::optional< T > get (const std::string &name) const
const schema_type & schema () const
 Returns the schema for this metadata object.

Private Attributes

const schema_type * schema_
 pointer to the metadata_file's schema
const char * start_
 the start of the metadata within the metadata_file

Detailed Description

Represents the collection of metadata for a document.

Member Function Documentation

§ get()

template<class T >
util::optional<T> meta::corpus::metadata::get ( const std::string &  name) const
nameThe metadata field to obtain
the metadata associated with that field, if it exists, converted to type T.

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