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meta::hashing::kv_pair< K, V > Class Template Reference

Pair class used by the hash tables. More...

#include <hash_storage.h>

Public Member Functions

 kv_pair (const K &key, V &value)
const K & key () const
const V & value () const
V & value ()
template<class K1 , class V1 >
 operator std::pair< K1, V1 > () const

Private Attributes

std::reference_wrapper< const K > key_
std::reference_wrapper< V > value_

Detailed Description

template<class K, class V>
class meta::hashing::kv_pair< K, V >

Pair class used by the hash tables.

This can be implicitly converted to a std::pair, but is itself a lightweight wrapper around references to the key and the value, which are not required to be adjacent in memory.

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