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meta::index::forward_index::impl Class Reference

Implementation of a forward_index. More...

Public Member Functions

 impl (forward_index *idx, const cpptoml::table &config)
 Constructs an implementation based on a forward_index.
void tokenize_docs (corpus::corpus &corpus, metadata_writer &mdata_writer, uint64_t ram_budget, std::size_t num_threads)
 Tokenizes the documents in the corpus in parallel, yielding num_threads number of forward_index chunks that then need to be merged.
void merge_chunks (size_t num_chunks, uint64_t num_docs, hashing::probe_map< std::string, term_id > vocab)
 Merges together num_chunks number of intermediate chunks, using the given vocabulary to do the renumbering. More...
void create_libsvm_postings (corpus::corpus &docs)
void uninvert (const inverted_index &inv_idx, uint64_t ram_budget)
void create_uninverted_metadata (const std::string &name)
bool is_libsvm_analyzer (const cpptoml::table &config) const
void compress (const std::string &filename, uint64_t num_docs)
 Compresses the postings file created by uninverting. More...
void load_postings ()
 Loads the postings file. More...

Public Attributes

std::unique_ptr< analyzers::analyzeranalyzer_
 The analyzer used to tokenize documents (nullptr if libsvm).
uint64_t total_unique_terms_
 the total number of unique terms if term_id_mapping_ is unused
util::optional< postings_file< forward_index::primary_key_type, forward_index::secondary_key_type, double > > postings_
 the postings file

Private Attributes

 Pointer to the forward_index this is an implementation of.

Detailed Description

Implementation of a forward_index.

Member Function Documentation

§ merge_chunks()

void meta::index::forward_index::impl::merge_chunks ( size_t  num_chunks,
uint64_t  num_docs,
hashing::probe_map< std::string, term_id >  vocab 

Merges together num_chunks number of intermediate chunks, using the given vocabulary to do the renumbering.

The vocabulary mapping will assign ids in insertion order, but we will want our ids in lexicographic order for vocabulary_map to work, so this function will sort the vocabulary and perform a re-numbering of the old ids.

§ create_libsvm_postings()

void meta::index::forward_index::impl::create_libsvm_postings ( corpus::corpus docs)
docsThe documents to index (that are in libsvm format)

§ uninvert()

void meta::index::forward_index::impl::uninvert ( const inverted_index inv_idx,
uint64_t  ram_budget 
inv_idxThe inverted index to uninvert
ram_budgetThe estimated allowed size of an in-memory chunk

§ create_uninverted_metadata()

void meta::index::forward_index::impl::create_uninverted_metadata ( const std::string &  name)
nameThe name of the inverted index to copy data from

§ is_libsvm_analyzer()

bool meta::index::forward_index::impl::is_libsvm_analyzer ( const cpptoml::table &  config) const
configthe configuration settings for this index
whether this index will be based off of a single libsvm-formatted corpus file

§ compress()

void meta::index::forward_index::impl::compress ( const std::string &  filename,
uint64_t  num_docs 

Compresses the postings file created by uninverting.

filenameThe file to compress
num_docsThe number of documents in that file

§ load_postings()

void meta::index::forward_index::impl::load_postings ( )

Loads the postings file.

filenameThe path to the postings file to load

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