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meta::parallel::thread_pool Class Reference

Represents a collection of a fixed number of threads, which tasks can be added to. More...

#include <thread_pool.h>


struct  concrete_task
 A concrete task is templated with a result type. More...
struct  task
 A generic task object. More...

Public Member Functions

 thread_pool (size_t num_threads=std::thread::hardware_concurrency())
 ~thread_pool ()
 Destructor; joins all threads.
template<class Function >
std::future< typename std::result_of< Function()>::type > submit_task (Function func)
 Adds a task to the thread_pool. More...
std::vector< std::thread::id > thread_ids () const
size_t tasks () const
size_t size () const

Private Member Functions

void worker ()
 Function invoked by the worker threads to process tasks off the internal queue.

Private Attributes

std::vector< std::thread > threads_
 the threads in the pool
std::queue< std::unique_ptr< task > > tasks_
 the queue containing the tasks to be run
bool running_
 whether or not the pool is currently running
std::mutex mutex_
 the mutex to wrap queue operations
std::condition_variable cond_
 the condition variable that workers sleep on when waiting for work

Detailed Description

Represents a collection of a fixed number of threads, which tasks can be added to.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ thread_pool()

meta::parallel::thread_pool::thread_pool ( size_t  num_threads = std::thread::hardware_concurrency())
num_threadsThe number of threads to initialize this thread_pool with; by default, the hardware concurrency.

Member Function Documentation

§ submit_task()

template<class Function >
std::future<typename std::result_of<Function()>::type> meta::parallel::thread_pool::submit_task ( Function  func)

Adds a task to the thread_pool.

funcThe function (task) to add
a std::future that wraps the return value of the task for retrieval later

§ thread_ids()

std::vector<std::thread::id> meta::parallel::thread_pool::thread_ids ( ) const
a vector of the thread_ids from the current pool

§ tasks()

size_t meta::parallel::thread_pool::tasks ( ) const
the number of currently queued tasks

§ size()

size_t meta::parallel::thread_pool::size ( ) const
the number of threads in the pool

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