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meta::caching Namespace Reference

Containers to be used for caching purposes. More...


class  dblru_cache
 A double-barrel approach at a LRU cache. More...
class  generic_shard_cache
 A simple sharding-based approach for increasing concurrency within a cache. More...
class  locking_map
 A simple wrapper around a std::unordered_map that uses an internal mutex for synchronization safety. More...
class  no_evict_cache
 An incredibly simple "cache" that simply keeps everything in memory. More...
class  splay_cache
 A splay_cache is a fixed-size splay tree for cache operations. More...
class  splay_cache_exception
 Basic exception for splay_cache interactions. More...


template<class Key , class Value >
using default_dblru_cache = dblru_cache< Key, Value >
 The default instantiation of a dblru_cache.
template<class Key , class Value >
using splay_shard_cache = generic_shard_cache< Key, Value, splay_cache >
 A sharding cache that uses splay_caches as the internal map.
template<class Key , class Value >
using dblru_shard_cache = generic_shard_cache< Key, Value, default_dblru_cache >
 A sharding cache that uses a default_dblru_cache as the internal map.

Detailed Description

Containers to be used for caching purposes.