ModErn Text Analysis
META Enumerates Textual Applications
Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NmetaThe ModErn Text Analysis toolkit is a suite of natural language processing, classification, information retrieval, data mining, and other applications of text processing
 NanalyzersContains various ways to segment text and deal with preprocessed files (POS tags, parse trees, etc)
 NfiltersContains filters that mutate existing token streams in a filter chain
 NtokenizersContains tokenizers that start off a filter chain
 NcachingContainers to be used for caching purposes
 NclassifyAlgorithms for multi-class and binary classification
 NkernelKernel functions for linear classifiers
 NlossLoss functions for sgd
 NcorpusVarious ways to convert corpus formats into META-readable documents
 NgraphContains implementations of the graph data structure and algorithms that operate over them
 NinternalContains helper functions used by the centrality measures
 NindexIndexes to create efficient representations of data
 NdetailImplementation details for indexing and ranking implementations
 NioCompressed file readers and writers, configuration file readers, a simple parser, and memory-mapped file support
 Nlibsvm_parserParser specifically for libsvm-formatted files
 NlearnGeneric learning algorithms and support data structures
 NlmContains implementations of statistical language models
 NloggingNamespace which contains all of the logging interface classes
 NparallelImplementation of a thread pool and a parallel for loop
 NparserContains functions that relate to phrase structure trees and parsing of natural language
 NprintingContains functions that print to the terminal and provide progress bars
 NrandomA collection of utility classes/functions for randomness
 NregressAlgorithms for regression
 NsequenceSequence representations and labeling models/algorithms
 NstatsProbability distributions and other statistics functions
 NbroadwordA collection of functions for "broadword" bit operations like selection, msb and lsb finding, etc
 NtopicsTopic modeling functionality
 NutfFunctions for converting to and from various character sets
 NutilShared resources and utilities