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printing.h File Reference
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include "meta/config.h"
#include "meta/logging/logger.h"

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 The ModErn Text Analysis toolkit is a suite of natural language processing, classification, information retrieval, data mining, and other applications of text processing.
 Contains functions that print to the terminal and provide progress bars.


std::string meta::printing::add_commas (const std::string &number)
std::string meta::printing::make_green (std::string str)
std::string meta::printing::make_red (std::string str)
std::string meta::printing::make_bold (std::string str)
std::string meta::printing::bytes_to_units (double num_bytes)
 Converts a number of bytes into a human-readable number. More...
void meta::printing::show_progress (size_t idx, size_t max, size_t freq, const std::string &prefix="")
void meta::printing::end_progress (const std::string &prefix)
 Ends output from a call to show_progess by displaying 100% completion. More...

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Sean Massung

All files in META are dual-licensed under the MIT and NCSA licenses. For more details, consult the file and LICENSE.ncsa in the root of the project.